Our products and services

Our portfolio is mainly around liqueurs and schnapps, while we constantly increase our selection with some specials and home-made jams. See the sub menu for more details in each of the areas.


Our liqueurs are available in more then xy flavors in bottles from 0.1l-1,5l.



Our schnapps is available in more then xy flavors in bottles from 0.2l-0.5l.

Some of them are medaled and start with an alcohol strength of 40% (80 Proof).


THE Bottles

We have a large choice of remarklable and decorative bottles in which we offer most of our products.

Here some examples -> Pictures


Bottle Empty? Do not hesitate to contact us as we offer you to refill your bottle on good terms.


Catering & Party service

You are planning an event with a group of people? Christmas Party? Going-Away Party?

We are your best provider for your event, covering food, drinks and other specials like i.e. live music.

With our huge network almost everything is possible. Reach out to us with your plans and we provide you an offer for your successful event.