THE Specials

Below you can find some of our special offerings. Please consider that some of them are depending on the season and therefore might not be availble every time in the year.

Applepie Moonshine

Apple Punch

"Unbelievable taste"


The Applepie Moonshine is an apple brandy with cinnamon and an indescribable apple flavor. We offer two variants of our moonshine:

  • Smooth 20% vol
  • Strong 35% vol

It is a unique taste you must have!


"Hot Apple Punch - Cold Weather"


This is the ideal solution for the cold times of the year.

The apple punch is filled in 1l bottles and tastes best when heaten up and enjopyed outside with friends.


It contains beside apple juice and others also cinnamon and honey.


Christmas Liqueur

Pale Ale Beer

"Celebrate the x-mas season"


While the christmas season is usually packed with all kind of tasty food and snacks, why do not increase your portfolio with this season specific liqueur?


Enjoy your family, the season and our christmas liqueur.


"What if I love beer?"


Also in this case we are able to satisfy your preference. As for other areas in our portfolio we also offer here different kinds.


Enjoy our home-brewed pale ale.

Butterscotch Liqueur

"The unique one"


The butterscotch liqueur is one of our newest products with a complete unique taste.


This is a must try!